Our O.E.M Service


1. Product testing
Before developing sample formulation, the R&D team will implement the chemical test and investigation on samples provided by clients to prove that no mercury and hazardous substances contained.

2. Creation of samples
Source of samples: either client or manufacturer, samples will then be delivered to laboratory for testing.

3. Samples trial
From the trial, certain formulation adjustments and amendments will be made according to client requirements in order to determine the efficacy of a product.

4. Arrangement of bottles, packaging and design
After the confirmation has been made, proceed to the work of bottles selection, packaging and design.

5. Application of Notification Note and set up of P.I.F (Local)
The company will apply for product Notification Note and establish P.I.F for local clients.

6. Documentation Preparation (Overseas)
In the case of foreign clients, the company will proceed with the preparation of documentations for the export of product.

7. Goods Delivery

Mode of Payment
1. Fees for sampling: RM300 for each item
2. Upon order conformation, payment of 50% deposit of total amount.
3. Upon completion of goods, remaining 50% of total amount should be cleared before the delivery.

Other Service(s)
1. Product Support Information / Report Fees will be charged based on the total number of page
Languages: English, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu.

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