About Us

About Cylin Cosmetic

Cylin Cosmetic Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1993.

In 2006, it was upgraded to G.M.P factory with a land area of 73000 square foot, the plant area is 15000 square foot.

Cylin has set up several departments which are management, product registration department, information department, laboratory, research room, production department, packaging Department and quality control department.

Cylin Cosmetic Sdn.Bhd. began with skin care product development, and now has developed thousands of skin care recipes. The main areas that Cylin’s product focusing is special curative effect formula, skin care formula, essential oil series product, perfume, sesame oil, thin body breast and cosmetics and so on.null

When We Started?

Cylin Cosmetic Sdn Bhd started from the development of product formulation and today there are up to thousand of formulations have been developed. It was specialized in the field of intensive treatment, skin care, essential oil, fragrance, perfume oil, slimming and bust care, colour cosmetic and others.

Certification of G.M.P (Good Manufacturing Practice)

In Malaysia, Cylin Cosmetic Sdn.Bhd. is a G.M.P (Good Manufacturing Practice) licensed manufacturer. It is operated under the strict supervision of the national drug administration bureau, so the products developed are guaranteed with quality. Cylin excellent R&D team discover and develop new products every year, non-stop discover the new formula and product receipt against the skin problem, at the same time the team focus on the formulation study, discover and looking for more natural, more effective and safer recipe for the customer.

Source Of Raw Material

The company adopts advanced equipment and professional research team to provide high quality products, thus to improve customers’ satisfaction and loyalty to our products. Over the past 15 years, our clients who have cooperated with us on O.E.M have become our ally, growing and thriving together under the win-win cooperation. In terms of raw materials, Cylin has long-term cooperated with advanced countries such as Switzerland, the United States, Japan, Italy, Britain, France and Spain. The product formula is designed with the best quality of the raw materials based on the requirement of the customer and skin condition from different countries, different climates and different races.

Operates & Produces

Cylin Cosmetic Sdn Bhd operates and produces under the severe control of The Health Ministry, National Pharmaceuticals Control Bureau. Operation of the factory is follow closely to the guidelines set under the G.M.P standard. It has obtained the Certificate of Halal Products which is issued by Islamic Food Research Asia.