Side effect of steroid-based skin care

Corticosteroids, also known as steroids, are anti-inflammatory medicines used for a range of skin conditions, particularly allergic diseases. However, when misused, these can lead to substantial and permanent damage. What is worrisome is their use as fairness creams, often leading to self-use by patients and over the counter sale in pharmacies. The side effects of …

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现在许多商家,为了让使用者快速祛痘,快速去疤真是无所不用其极。通常商家会在产品中添加含药成分如类固醇,类固醇在马来西亚是归纳在OTC(over the counter 非处方药),虽然说是合法的药物,但总归来说类固醇还是属于药物成分,研究显示长期使用及错误使用会带来许多副作用,这也就是为什么医生开药时总会说明药物一天只可以涂抹几次且当症状有改善或固定天数后就需要停止使用。


使用保养品会有刺激感正常吗? 现在市面上的产品千百种,购买通路也是多不胜数。但是销售人员所介绍的都是好的吗?大家都在用的适合自己使用吗?常常听到客人跟我反应 “为什么某某用了都没事,但是我用了却会又红又痒?”又或者“为什么我平时用得好好的,但是出了国或者去美容院回来就会有刺激感?”...

O.E.M. Products

Description Products offered under the O.E.M service are as following: 1. Exceptional formulation – for doctors, for instance whitening and skin peeling formulation 2. Formulation for Beauty Salon (Retail) – inclusive of whitening, anti-acne, anti-aging, hydrating, exfoliating, sun protecting, slimming and bust enhancing. As below: FACE CARE Cleanser: 1. BHA Cleanser 2. Biotox Cleanser 3. …

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